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The way in which arts and entertainment content — film, web content, theater, and television — is delivered to the public has been radically transformed by technological innovation. Today, consumer demand is being driven by a variety of digital platforms, which presents challenges to artists as well as to entertainment and media companies. Navigating this new terrain requires the guidance of skilled entertainment law attorneys.

The entertainment and media group at Scaffidi & Associates represents actors, writers, producers, directors, and other creative talent. We negotiate and draft all types of entertainment agreements and provide litigation counsel to individuals and companies in all of the arts. Our entertainment attorneys provide the legal framework and strategic guidance to help creative clients plan, manage and protect their careers.

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Entertainment Law Attorneys New York City

At Scaffidi & Associates, we are keenly aware that the entertainment industry is constantly evolving. There are unique issues associated with film, web content, television, and theater. In particular, protecting the rights of creative artists has become increasingly complex in light of the technological innovations that have transformed the production and distribution of arts and entertainment.

Our entertainment law group provides comprehensive legal services relative to contracts as well as the corollary business, labor, and employment law issues. Our practice is also focused on transactions and litigation.

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Innovative Entertainment Law Representation

All facets of the industry are driven by deal-making and contracts. Our attorneys are adept at handling the unique aspects of theater, film and television deals.

Our knowledge of these industries enables us to effectively negotiate and prepare a variety of agreements, including:

  • Production agreements
  • License agreements
  • Television and film production agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Appearance and endorsement agreements
  • Deferment agreements, employment agreements, location agreements
  • SAG agreements
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Entertainment Litigation

Our entertainment litigation practice is dedicated to resolving a wide range of media and entertainment disputes. Our entertainment attorneys also handle contract claims, as well as rights of publicity and privacy. Finally, we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ artistic work from unauthorized use across multiple media platforms.

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Creative Solutions for Creative People

Our entertainment law group works to help artists and other creative individuals understand their rights and make sure they receive fair compensation for their work.

Our attorneys provide a powerful combination of legal know-how and business acumen to help our creative clients navigate the contemporary media landscape. We have a well-earned reputation for protecting the interests of our clients. Call our office or complete the contact form on our website to set up a consultation.

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